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Unit 2 Browns Bay North Shore City Auckland 0630
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  • Faster Than Lightning Fibre Cable Installation

Feb, 2022
Posted by: Admin

Faster Than Lightning Fibre Cable Installation


Blink twice and you may just miss it. With an expert fibre cable installation team to do all of the dirty work for you, you can sit back and relax while your connectivity changes overnight. No more staring at the little buffering circle going around and around and around. All you need to do is click once and grab a drink while your movie plays flawlessly. This is relevant for uploading and downloading large files in the office, be it a home office or your relevant place of work. Whatever your connectivity needs are, we are the bridge to making it happen.

Fast And Focused 

With uninterrupted streaming and access to downloading and uploading larger files without any hiccups, we can’t think of anything better than unlimited fibre. If you are one of many that work from home and need constant access to the internet, this may be your answer to a more productive work day. Give yourself less stress by making the change to smoother internet surfing. No more bumps in the road, no more cracks in the ground; only smooth sailing from here on out.

Play All Day

With great connectivity comes great responsibility. There will be temptations to game your days away and watch funny cat videos all night long. After all your work is done and dusted for the day, you are absolutely free to give in to your time-wasting urges. We even encourage you to take this well-deserved break and do nothing for a couple of hours. It could do you plenty of good in the long run, as downtime is fundamental to continuous long-term productivity.

Work All Night 

Getting a good night’s rest after a hard and focused day of remote working is optimal. But with such impressive connections and ample tasks to do online, we know how difficult it becomes to tear yourself away from your screen. With a little effort and self coercion, you can sleep safe and sound, knowing your hyper-fast internet connection will be right there waiting for you in the early hours of the morning.

For all your fibre cable installation needs, contact the Aukland Data and Electrical experts for professional service and assistance.

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