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Unit 2 Browns Bay North Shore City Auckland 0630
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    Electrical Systems, Data Cabling, and LED Light Fittings Maintenance in Auckland, NZ

    Keeping your electrics and data cabling solutions properly maintained will ensure consistent performance and help to prevent breakdowns. At Auckland Data and Electrical, we offer a full range of maintenance, servicing, and repair solutions, plus we have experience in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

    We can provide maintenance services on a one-off basis if you need something assessed and resolved immediately. We also offer ongoing maintenance services where we will develop a customised solution for your specific needs.

    Whatever your requirements, our expert team will ensure the electrics in your commercial or industrial facility are safe and operating efficiently. We’ll also work to identify potential problems so they can be resolved before there is a breakdown that will impact your business.

    To find out more and to get a quote for electrical and data cabling maintenance services, please give us a call today on 094 792 211.

    Experts for Light Fittings Maintenance in New Zealand

    Lights and light fittings are a hot topic in New Zealand at the moment, particularly as most older properties currently have costly and energy-draining lighting solutions. Lighting technology has moved on considerably in recent years, though, particularly in relation to LED lights.

    LED lights are significantly less expensive to run, reducing your energy costs and helping the environment. They also produce a better quality of light, so they can help with staff comfort levels, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

    At Auckland Data and Electrical, we offer a full range of LED light fittings and solutions, including maintenance, repairs, and servicing, throughout Auckland, NZ. To find out more about how much you can save with LED lights, or if you need maintenance work completed on your existing installation, please give us a call.

    Our electrical and data cabling maintenance solutions cover everything from wiring to switchboards to the set up in your server room to alarms and security equipment.

    Benefits of Our Maintenance Services

    The benefits of our maintenance services and solutions include:

    • All the work on your electrics or other systems will be completed by qualified, skilled, and experienced electricians and technicians.
    • We have extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and residential electrics and related solutions.
    • Our skills and expertise also include automated solutions, so we can also maintain your industrial plant, PLCs, SCADA control systems, machines, and equipment.
    • Our maintenance services will ensure the electrics and electrical systems in your facility are safe and conform to all New Zealand standards.
    • Your electrics will be less likely to develop faults when the system is properly maintained.
    • As your electrics will operate more efficiently while delivering the performance that you need, you will have a reduced energy bill.
    • Faulty electrics can cause damage to equipment in your property or facility. In the worst situations, the cost to replace or repair the damaged equipment can be quite high. Our maintenance services will help to prevent these situations from happening.
    • The electrics and electrical systems in your facility will have a longer lifespan when they are properly maintained.

    To get a quote for the maintenance services that you need, please give us a call on 094 792 211.